Local transport within Santa Veronica and Salinas del Rey

The most common motorized transport in Santa Veronica is the three wheeled little taxi know locally as the “carro-coche” or “Tuk-Tuk”. These three wheeled moto-taxis transport people and goods around the area. Tourist often use these to get to the kitespot. And to go the Juan da Acosta it’s the easiest option.

Price examples for taxi in Santa Veronica

Busstop to Villas de Santa Veronica – 5 minutes – 4.000 Pesos

Santa Veronica to Salinas del Rey kitespot 5 minutes 9.000 Pesos

Santa Veronica to Juan da Acosta 15 minutes – 3.000 Pesos pr. person in a shared carro-coche (tuk-tuk).

Transport to and from the Kitespot in Salinas del Rey

If your hostal is located a bit far from the kitespot you can walk back into Santa Veronica or just go upwind.



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