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Save $$$, leave your kiteboard at home

Airlines charge us big bucks for that long kitebag. Usually in the range of 100-150 USD for one way. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is to drag this long ting to the airport, out of the airport, in and out of taxis that are to small. If you’re unlucky this piece of special luggage is the last the baggage handelers put on the belt, and you’ll be the last out of the airport.

Think about it, you might be more attached to your kite than your board. And renting a board is cheap compared to the whole kit.

Rent a board and borrow the kiteshools pump

So why not just leave your kiteboard at home. Put you kite, bar and harness in a regular suitcase and leave the rest. You can rent a board that fits your size and style. You can probably leave the kiteboard at the kiteschools in the spot and be that lighter as you move between the kitespot and your kitehostel every morning and afternoon.

You’re kitepump is just a waste to bring as well. All kitespots have plenty of pumps. But bring your hose, who knows if the pump you grab has the right connection. If you want to go downwind from the kitespot in Puerto Velero to Salinas del Rey you can always borrow a pump from one of the schols there as well.