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Hotels, hostals in Santa Veronica – Where you should stay?

If you come to Santa Veronica to kitesurf there are a handfull of kite-hostals to choose among. They are all close to the spot in Salinas del Rey. These are great options to meet other kiters and stay up to date with what’s going on like downwinders, excursions etc.

You can also rent rooms or studios on AirBnb if you want a bit more of privacy, meet Colombian families and learn more about the area from them. This is usually a lot cheeper as well.

We recomend you to book just a few days before arrival. At the spot you’ll quickly see many great and economical options. There are new options coming every season.

There are basicalle three areas to stay in 1) Santa Veroncia 2) Las Villas 3) Salinas. You can walk between any of these. Everything is relatively close.

Santa Veronica gives you shops and restaurants closeby. But don’t expect much in terms of restaurants. Most eat home for this reason. Shopping is extremely basic too. As most houses in Santa Veronica are holiday homes for people from Barranquilla etc expect a lot of music and parties next door every weekend, every day. You can launch our kite from various areas here and go downwind to Salinas if you prefer to kite with the crowds.

Salinas would give you the shortest distance to the main spot. There’s a small shop with basic goods.

Las Villas is a community of villas located between the kitespot in Salinas and the “center” in Santa Veronica. There’s no shop and no restaurants here. But you are “in between”, so it can be a decent options. There are some spots to launch your kite from but it’s not recommended.

Most rentals in this area are private holiday homes converted to hostels for the kite season. Good options are few honestly:

Casa Agua Vela – The Classic

The german managed Casa Agua Vela was the first in Santa Veronica and a favourite among returning kite-surfers. There are both private rooms + a large dorm room. Casa Agua Vela has the best view to enjoy the sunset over Salinas del Rey. Theres a small restaurant and bar on-site. Whatsapp: +57 318 3185012

Casa Carmen has one of the best locations around. You can walk right down to the Spot in Salinas in a couple of minutes.

Casa Carmen

This little hostel is run by Carmen. The entire second floor of this villa has six studio-apartments with kitchen etc. The villa is located just next to the spot in Salinas del Rey. Contact via Whatsapp: +57 321 3972007

Guacamaya Kite Lodges

Guacamaya Kite Lodge is located in the “Las Villas” area of Santa Veronica about 2 km from the kitespot. They rent offer simple bamboo huts. The owners have a reputation of beeing unfriendly to kiters after various incidents on the beach.

Hotel Juan Mar

Hotel Juan Mar is one of the few “large” hotels in Santa Veronica. We mention it primarly because of it’s excellent beachfront location. You can launch directly in front of the hotel. No other hotel or hostal can offer that in Santa Veronica or Salinas del Rey.