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Bring these five items when you travel to Salinas del Rey for kitesurfing

Salias del Rey is located in very very small and simple little community, it’s not even a proper village so both personal items and kite-gear is hard to come by. This is what you should consider bringing on your kitetrip:


Getting is decent quality sunscreen in Santa Veronica is impossible you need to go to Barranquilla for that and you’ll be surprised by how expensive sunscreen is in Colombia.


The sun is intense on the Atlantic coast of Colombia. And there’s nothing to buy to protect you locally. Bring a rash-guard or get one in Barranquilla where you can find it in Decathlon.


Again, there’s nothing to buy locally and the sun in ruthless. Get a flotater for your sun-glasses and an extra pair. You do not want to kite without them.


Again, you can’t get this locally in Santa Veronica. Bring your own or buy it in Barranquila.

Spares for your kitegear

You will not be able to get any spares for your kite locally or anywhere else in Colombia for that matter. YES they can order items from the US but you’ll be back home long time before anything arrives. Make sure you have some spares like screws for your straps, lines for your kite etc. Lines can be repaired locally the same goes for a blown bladder or a ripped kite. A spare valve might also be a good idea to have around if unless you have new equipment.

Don’t expect kiters in Salinas del Rey to respect normal way of rule in the water. So lines get tangled, lines will snap, get cut and kites will end up on the rocks.