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Puerto Velero kitesurf – spot info

Puerto Velero is the “classical” kitespot on the Atlantic coast. Watersport has been practiced here since before kitesurf was a thing. Hence the name “Puerto Velero” loosely translated as “The sailors port”.

Expect flat water conditions inside the bay and some of the best and certainly best accessible waves around on the seaside of this big sand bank.

Puerto Velero is said to be horribly gusty. We think this is mainly a misunderstanding of the spot. Yes it’s gusty right in front of the schools and the restaurants. That’s why the local schools walk their students downwind a bit in the direccion of the marina. Also that area is very shallow and that helps the students.

If you want to kite in Puerto Velero for the day head down to the kitespot in La Punta, after the marina. The wind there is much better and it’s a much safer spot than up around the restaurants. We only recommend that area to launch and get out if you are going downwind.

Puerto Velero roughly has three kitespots:

Kiteschool area in Puerto Velero

There are two, kiteschools in Puerto Velero. You can launch from both. They can borrow you a kite-pump and help you launch. So this is the preferred departure point if you are going downwind to Salinas del Rey.

Both offer kitesurf classes for beginners. We highly recommend this spot for those who want to learn kitesurfing in Colombia. It’s very safe here and you’ll progress fast as the water is flat and you can reach the bottom when you wade out into this shallow bay.

Nautica Velero is managed by Jose Carlos. They’ve been around “forever” and in addition to kitesurf lessons you can learn or rent SUP boards, windsurf or wingsurfing.

Kite Puerto Velero is managed by Andres Pereira. He’s an excellent kiter and very friendly. If you need a kite patched back together. You can drop off your kite her and he’ll take it to his mothers repairshop. Where they have been sowing kites back together for years.

Wavespot in Puerto Velero

Kitesurfers looking for the best wavespot should go straight here. The shape of the coast allows for many angles and sizes of these waves. They are very constant with areas of flat between the waves.

“La Punta” – Kitespot Puerto Velero

For the regular kitesurfer this would be the best spot. It’s located just down from the yacht harbour. It’s flat water here and the wind is constant as you’re further out away from the inland mountains that create the gust that you’ll notice up closer to the restaurants.