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Kitesurf classes in Salinas del Rey, Colombia

The local schools in Salinas del Rey will try to handle the quirks of the spot for you but you shold take the local conditions into considerations if you want to learn kitesurfing in Salinas del Rey.

Waves and offshore wind

The spot in Salinas del Rey has constant waves, up to 1.5-2 meters on a normal day. It’s not uncommon for them to get up to 3.5 meters. The wind-direccion from the launch area is offshore will take even a blows studens out into the bay.

What gave this spot it’s fame is the regular and constant waves that we find here. So it’s primarly a spot for experienced kitesurfers looking for surch conditions.

Beginners or those taking their first classes of kitesurf will find that the waves and the wind direction will slow their progression. And the crammed conditions of the lauch area adds to the stress a kitestudent always have.

Safety and learning to kitesurf in Salinas del Rey

The beach is quite small and it’s full of large trunks of wood meaning that students will have very little space to work on kitecontrol and lauching and landing their kites for the first time. Loosing control of the kite is common for beginners. Even more so in the strong 30 Knots wind we often have in Salinas del Rey. The driftwood can cause damage to the kite and even worse damage to students and kiters.

The wind comes over the point and goes into the bay. This means that it’s gusty around the point in Salinas del Ray. Controling kites in this gust adds to the complexity for kite students. The local schools try to limit this effect by walking all the way up to the point. But there’s only room for a couple of students there at the time. And there’s rock in the water there so it’s all very tricky.

There’s not rescue boat in Salinas del Rey. IKO guidelines require this when teaching in offshore conditions.

If you want to learn to kitesurf in the area close to Salinas del Rey there are options that offer flat water, more space and no waves:

Puerto Velero
Puerto Velero is the “original” kitespot in the area between Cartagena and Barranquilla. Endless flat water and no hazards like rocks in the water is why people have been coming here for decades to learn windsurf and kitesurf. The local schools use a shallow sandbank for teaching so you can always put your feet down. There’s no waves at all here allowing for faster progression than in Salinas del Rey.

There is a rescue dingie available at the spot.

Lomita Arena
The flat water lagoon offers the safest spot around. You can walk around in the lagoon for addes security and comfort. Best time for learning to kitesurf in Lomita Area in daytime / morning. The wind gets famously gusty here later during the day.

Several kite instructors based in Santa Veronica and Salinas del Rey bring their students to Palmarito. It’s a much safer spot, the waves are hardly noticable here and the wind is always a few knots less here making the start of a kitesurf experience less intimidating.