Salinas del Rey

Santa Veroncia

how does the wind blow?

Colombias most windy costal region is the Atl├íntico. Yes it’s windy (but gusty) in Lago Calima (Cali), kitesurfing in San Andres is amazing (but unreliable) and it’s amazing (but tricky) in Cabo de La Vela La Guajira.

Wind comes from east and it’s strongest, yet very gusty, close to Barranquilla. The wind crosses the peninsula, past kitespots in Puerto Velero (gusty!) and Salinas del Rey. It finally gets weaker as the it reaches Cartagena where there are many well established kiteschools in the “La Boca” area. In general you use one size bigger kite in Cartagena compared to the kitespot in Salinas del Rey.